OCCI History


Okara Chamber of Commerce & Industry (OCCI) a highest caliber, nonprofit earning trade body, inaugurated on October 15, 2004, has been in full-fledged working in the District Okara. The trade body (OCCI) since its inception has been not only representing the commercial, industrial and Agricultural communities but also under the guidance of its supreme body i.e, Ministry of Commerce, Government of Pakistan has been facilitating the business community in solving and resolving myriad problems as a bridge between the Government and the Business Community, providing every know-how towards bettering trade conditions and enhancement of business in District and the Country as well. The OCCI has proved its significance, its utmost struggle for the installation, uplift progress of Commerce industry and agriculture by propagating publicizing and persuading the commercial people from all walks of business to arrange to export of the traditional product of this District and raw material locally grown and all manufacturing items like Milk Processed Items, Cheese etc, mutton, beef and meat etc, textile item, ready-made garment, leather item, electrical appliances as well all kind of vegetables, fruit including food items par boiled Rice, Maize Potato and other significant material. Because of OCCI constant struggle the OCCI member Companies enterprises surpassed the target of exports to Foreign Countries.

It is mention-able that the Inhabitants of the area are equally intellectual and motivated having result oriented minds. Despite having all these blessed natural gifts, there never existed a Trade Body, which could protect the interest of commercial/ Industrial community and raise voice to the concerned Government Organizations. Keeping in view the dire need of the area and to fulfill its commitments with the inhabitants, a Trade Body of highest caliber titled as “The Okara Chamber of Commerce & Industry (OCCI)” has been established and recognized by the Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Commerce under license No: 57 on 15th October, 2004 and incorporated with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan vide incorporation No: 000000133993/20041002 dated 21-10-2004 which was renewed on 5th June, 2008 under license No: 33 by the authority ibid. The body has been not only representing the commercial, industrial, agricultural communities but also constantly struggling to solve their problems with the help of Government. The OCCI has proved its significance as a bridge between the Business communities and the Government and the Society as well. Since its foundation the OCCI has struggled utmost for the installation, uplift, progress of commerce, industry and agriculture in the District. Besides all of these, the OCCI has been helping the nation with a cooperative hand during all country-wide and local catastrophes.

Okara Chamber of Commerce & Industry (OCCI) has been in full-fledged working in the District since the year 2004.

Organizational Chart of OCCI

Organizational Chart of OCCI



 Representing industry, trade other related fields is the supreme body making administrative and development policies to be pursued during the year. This supreme body comprised of 22 members including headed President, Senior Vice President and Vice President.


There are 14 standing committees are formed from amongst the members or technocrats having rich experience in the related field to liaison with the different Government Agencies. They meet regularly till the objectives/motives of the community are achieved.


It provides statistical and business information essential to the development of commercial and industrial activities. At this section the data is analyzed/examined to bring improvement in the industrial and trade sectors.


It disseminated trade inquiries, business information among its members to supplement their commercial, technical and industrial knowledge.


Chamber arranges all this according to the needs of the members. Dignitaries from all sectors of life are met to cater to the demands and needs of the community. The chamber plays a major role in bridging gap between the government and business community.


The Chambers provides the much-needed help for the local and foreign investments in such enterprises, which may be conducive to the prosperity and development of the country.


Membership form along-with the required documents are sent to the Chairman Membership Standing Committee for discussion/inspection in committee’s meeting.

Provisional certificates are issued with the approval of Chairman Membership Standing Committee.

After the approval of Executive Committee Chamber Membership Certificates are issued to the new members.

Members are also issued the Chamber I.D Cards.


Members who find difficulty in getting visa for certain countries need assistance of the Chamber. A certified letter is issued on demand to the foreign embassies. The embassies are requested to guide and support the member seeking visa.


Attestation of Certificate of origin is carried out at this section to cater for the need of the exporter members.


It is to assist the members for their needs and requirements.

  • Arranging meetings, recording minutes of the meeting with the Government officials.
  • Formulation and subsequently negotiating the Trade Policy/Budget Proposals in consultation with the EC/ concerned Standing Committee.
  • Prepare working paper for the President for the high level meetings.
  • Preparation of Trade Bulletins, Circulars and Annual Reports apart from other publications.
  • Monitoring Chamber Elections.


Issuance of Press Releases.
Arrangement for Press Conferences.
Electronic/Print media coverage/ interviews.


Library is being maintained and will be  operational soon.


Maintaining Accounts books Liaison between External Auditors and Chamber for properly maintaining Quality system under ISO-9002.


It is not only the typing work but surfing the internet to provide wide range of services to all the members.


Research is areas that support the development of not only the emerging industries but also for the revival of the sick units of the country and in particular in Okara district. Lists of proposed activities for the research & development cell are stated below.

  • Research of different economic events in the country and region at adhoc basis.
  • Preparing accurate analytical reports of research conclusions presenting them to director research & development cell and information center for the knowledgebase for date mining.
  • Assessment of changes required according to local environment.
  • Market of different investment climate assessment of the region.
  • Analyze national Trade policies and agreements to identify the development activities to exploit these opportunities.
  • Research of analytical report’s conclusions for information and development purposes.

For the purposes seminars and conferences had being convened to bring the industry elites, financial guard and policy makers together to share the leading edge information or research process which will create a think tank environment to chalk out future research capabilities defining the roll modern industry and to adopt strategies and tactics for building an atmosphere of mutual trust and confidence.



Okara Chamber of Commerce & Industry (OCCI) since its inception on October 15, 2004 is playing a key role for introduction of Pakistan products round the Globe and contributing its share in the interest and benefit of Business Community as well as playing the bridge role between trade community and the Government.

The main objectives of the OCCI are to serve as catalyst and work on ‘ No Profit No Loss’ basis and as such does not involve itself in any business activities and thinking in the private sector for finding “ OUT OF BOX”  solutions for long standing pressing problems. The OCCI has already adopted a long term strategy and is constantly formulating business plan for short / medium term that area in line with its long term objectives. Also to promote trade/ business and industrial activities in the area of its jurisdiction by facilitating and assisting the whole business community providing them initial information in terms as technology up-gradation and skills development training assistance and to business resolving issues between the entrepreneurs by arbitrating, representing the concern of the business community through the elected standing committee and representatives to the Government and to assist the concerned authorities in developing the policies that shall be conducive for doing business.

Other objective of the OCCI is to focus all efforts on the development of business and to promote / develop. Stimulate and protect the economic interest of Pakistan, also of those engaged in industry, Trade, Commerce minerals, transport, Agriculture, Construction, Banking, Insurance etc… to boost up professional technology both in business and industry in order to cope with the requirements of the modern era.

The OCCI also announces programme for creating awareness about health and safety, discrimination in remuneration and wages, disciplinary practices to bring down production charges and enhancement of quality and freedom to form Associations and management systems for locals and nationals.

The OCCI identified problems and short comings in the industrial sector and chalked out long and short term plan for making the industry competitive and international level. Detail of the plan of activities for the year 2011-2013 is discussed hereunder:-

The OCCI played a vital role for the progress of the country. It is also worth mentioning that Raw Material for all industries is being supplied around the country form Okara.

Military Dairy Factory, Okara is a famous Milk processing plant producing Processed Milk Food Products to Pakistan Army which fulfills the major requirements of the Army.