President’s Message:

I feel quite sublime pride and ecstasy to write a word about significant specialties and unique pinnacles in which Okara District surpasses other areas of Pakistan, and the world at large. As I look down the stairs of years of my age, I vision pictorial phases as if I am strolling in a garden where earthen beds of colorfully blooming flowers are displayed. Okara has always been proficient and exuberant with bread and butter and necessities of life for its inhabitants. Even during pre-partition times it had attracted the interest of industrialist who had raised the industrial monuments like SUTLEJ COTTON MILLS, the one and only at least in ASIA, besides many big, medium and small size industries of cotton pressing and ginning, oil manufacturing and domestic crafts. Besides, the Peshawar to Karachi railway track was decked with huge Cotton Ginning & pressing factories on both sides. Its grain Market had been the biggest in size and business in the SUB-CONTINENT. The Mitchell’s Fruit Farms and Okara Military Farms founded by the British Government had been supplying milk and its products including confectioneries all around in the Country and the foreign as well. Even now Okara stands at No.4 in Milk Production.

Mrs. Shahnaz Zafar – President OCCI

The soil of Okara District has always been rich of greenery, fertility and prosperous yields of land. There is no witness in the human history that this soil has ever been faced a famine (scarcity of any Food). The sons of this soil are simple, love begetting and devoted to freedom. They are equally intellectual and motivated having result oriented minds.
The District meets the major food requirements of all kinds of grain, dairy products, fruit, vegetable, maize, sugar-cane, chicken, poultry, mutton, beef, confectionery and par boiled rice. Heavy yields of rice, Potato and Maize have traditionally raised status of Okara, and these agriculture produces are at the top of the yield-list. The fertile capability of this soil had made a mark in productivity and profit making not merely in the Sub-Continent but in the world as well. Raw material for all industries is supplied around the Country from Okara. Industries of all types have been rapidly erupting heads on this soil, and innumerable industrial foundations have been netting around the district. Presently heavy productive industries like Sugar Mills, Textile Mills, Ghee Mills, Card- board and Paper mills, besides Cotton, Ginning & Pressing factories, more than 100 Rice and processing Mills, Modern Oil & Ghee Mills, Feed Mills, etc. and about 250 environmentally protected Protein Farms have since been established here. As regards the production of Rice Okara is called the “HUB” of Par Boiled Rice.
As sitting President of the Okara Chamber of Commerce & Industry (OCCI), I feel delighted to say that Okara still has enough space to house a constantly increasing streamline of progressing, prospering and huge profit making industry which would enhance commercial diversions not merely for the district but whole of the Country. If the Industrial and Commercial Communities of Okara are given sympathetic ear by the Government and its functionaries, the area could spring to achieve a sublime goal in myriad aspects in modern global Industrial era. The undersigned being the Founder of the Okara Chamber of Commerce & Industry (OCCI), from the moment of its birth have been leading to achieve one target that is, to DRAG, CARRY, PUSH and BRING the NATIONAL ECONOMY to such a Flourishing Loftiness whence no risk of decline could jeer at Pakistan.
Pakistan Zindabad.


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